MLM Education – It’s My First Year in Network Marketing, Help!

MLM education is especially important if it is your first year in network marketing. You want to do this thing right and get it off the ground sooner rather than later. You want to be successful, and be able to work from home so that you can spend more time with your family.The problem? Well, this seems kind of hard and your business seems to be going nowhere fast. Here are 3 tips to assist you in taking action with your new profession as well as finding success.Tip #1: Avoid talking to everybody and their mother about your business opportunity like the plague. You’re probably thinking, my upline sponsor Star Trek commander, 10 Star Diamond Affiliate said to make a list of my family and friends! All the guru’s and heavy hitters say it too! I know, I know, but let’s do a reality check here. This approach works for those people who like to sold on things (about 10% of the population). So, that that leaves how many people who hate to be talked to by pushy and aggressive sales people? Yeah, 90% is a huge number of people who will run from this approach and if you use it, you will end up feeling totally inadequate and never be able to run a network marketing business.You see, the key is to use targeted marketing strategies. You talk to people who want your products or services. This could be people who believe in network marketing, but haven’t found success with it yet, people who are looking for a business and would like to learn more about MLM, people who are looking for extra money to put away for retirement, people who want extra income for that costly vacation they take each year, etc. You get the picture. So, when you talk with these people, if you lead with benefits so prospects will see the true value of your offer, they will end up asking you questions. This works much, much better than making a list of family and friends.Tip #2: This is a MLM education tip that everyone must follow. You must use teamwork. Teamwork is crucial because no one can build a network marketing empire by themselves. What’s needed is people with different life experiences and levels of expertise, all coming and working together. While you do need a great product, the most critical thing is having a strong team foundation. Beware, as well, if you have fantastic products and services, but your company focuses on “recruit”, “recruit”, “recruit”, and always say “it’s a number’s game”, this type of company mindset will cause both its distributors and the company itself to not reach their full potential. Why? Because the bigger success will come from people and relationship building along with great products and services. So, make sure you are in the process of building a good and strong team foundation in your first year in network marketing by building relationships.Tip #3: Find a mentor. For your ultimate success, you have to have a model to emulate, especially in your first year. In order to be a mentor, you have to be mentored. You need to be part of a mastermind group of like-minded people who have lots of faith and belief in you, who provide you the tools and training to succeed, and who encourage as well as visualize you succeeding. Can you imagine what this type of mentoring and masterminding can do for your self-esteem, skills, and business? Tremendous! So make sure you have that mentoring in place.Your first year in network marketing does take hard work. Use your mentor and coach to get you up to speed on MLM education and what you need to know to get started right. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed and just want to quit. But, if you follow these three tips, you will find that you will be able to not only easily survive your first year in network marketing, but also find true success.